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We are results driven web developer, design simple and clean yet robust web solution for any business entity. Grow your business and expand your reach with us.

topgrade-WordPress Web development

Topgrade Web Development

We design, develop and maintain responsive websites and web applications for any business entity or for an individual. Web solutions are robust, simple and elegant. We prefer WordPress Web Development, also we develop custom web solutions with PHP-MYSQL as per users need.

customized solutions

Customized Solutions

We create custom designs and functionalities that align with unique requirements, and offer a distinctive web presence that sets you apart from your competitors. We can work closely with clients to understand their specific goals, brand identity, and target audience while building web solutions which results in clients’ vision and cater to their specific needs.

Cost effective web development


We offer high-quality web design solutions at affordable rates. And competitive pricing modals compared to larger web design agencies. we eliminates overhead costs associated with large agencies, such as excessive administrative fees or unnecessary staff. Thus making your services an attractive option for budget-conscious on balancing  quality and affordability.

effective communication

Effective Communication

We emphasize on commitment to open and transparent communication throughout the desired web design process, which results in successful client relationships. We always listen actively to clients’ ideas, provide regular progress updates, and promptly address their concerns or questions, so that desired vision is effectively translated into the final website.


We deliver best web solutions and we understand your needs

Your business needs are taken as foundation requirement and comprehensively scanned for proposed websites or web application that is to be delivered.
Thus with the end result you get much more from it. The requirement analyzing process kept evolving and in iterative mode to track ever changing business needs by our experts and maintenance team.

Topgrade Web Solutions and WordPress Web Development
Business Showcase with Topgrade Web Solutions


Showcase your business with our web services

We design, develop and maintain responsive websites and web applications for any business entity or for an individual which are robust, simple and elegant. Web presence can play a vital role in growing up and expanding of your reach.

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We are offering wide range of services, such as web development,  WordPress development, Customized Web Application, Landing Page design, e-commerce solution, responsive design, SEO, Content Development, Web maintainance, etc.

Our services are customized as per your need to make your business grow and stand out. We are providing a perfect, unique and responsive web design. Service costing varies and dependent on requirements. Generally speaking basic starter web service my start with +6K. There are custom quotes available upon request, after requirement analysis we will end up with good deal. For more details please visit our services section or contact us with your requirement.

Yep!  We are happy to showcase some of our best projects of our potential clients, which will elobrate our sense of design style and capabilities. 

It depends on what services you want to avail.  Generally we follow six phases. In Phase-1 – Planning with initial consultation occurs. In Phase-2 to 4- Development, requirement analysis and testing cycle iterated. In Phase 5 – Delivery  of availed services/digital product occurs. And in Final Phase-6- Project completed with maintainance, with regular  client feedback, and revisions as  if necessary. For more details you may check our service section 

As there are different types of projects for e.g., a simple one-page site vs. a complex e-commerce platform or customized we application. For simple project it may take 20-30 hours.  And for complex project it may take 90-150+ hours. This will be cleared after your requirement analysis get done. 

Yes, we provide web hosting service and domain registration services for our client with no hidden cost therein. Alternatively, if clients need to handle this separately, we also go for the same. 

We prefer PHP based Web development platforms with mySql, WordPress  CMS (Content Management Systems), bootstrap CSS framework,  alongwith coding languages  such as JS, Ajax, html-CSS, and latest trends in coding language to offer best from our end.

Yes, we offer ongoing maintenance services after project completion. Clients may requests us for his/her updates by paying necessary charges. The same will be handled in end of design process as stated in above faq. Client may contact us for the same as per his/her wish. 

Its very simple process, you may initialise any project with us by scheduling a consultation with  filling out a contact form, or requesting a quote by directly contact with us as per your convenience. Once you finalized our service, project work will get started and progress will be informed you time to time. 


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