Marathi Transcription


Marathi Transcription, what is it?

Marathi transcription is the process of conversion of any audio/video/handwritten Marathi language content into text format.

So first of all we look for what is Transcription;

Firstly, the word transcription comes from the biological sector, which is not what we are talking about here. We are covering here the service of conversion of speech to text, so let’s go.

Generally, Transcription Services are conversion of speech to text. Pre-recorded audio or video files are used for conversion into text for more readability. Also, handwritten content to text is also carried out under this service. Transcripts are generated either manually type or using automatic speech recognition (ASR) software.


Now, we move toward Marathi Transcription Services:

Marathi is the spoken language of the people of Maharashtra state and its neighboring state in India. Currently, about 83.2 million peoples speak this beautiful language with different tones and local cultural backgrounds. It is also known as the Indo-Aryan language and has ancient significance.

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Do you want to know more about the Marathi Language you may check here which is the Wikipedia link, where you may get all the details about this beautiful language?

The Marathi language ranked 10th in the list of most spoken languages across the globe. Marathi also shares the status of official and co-official languages both in the Maharashtra and Goa states of Western India; Marathi also has the 4th largest number of speakers in India.

Why need for Marathi Transcription?

Generally, people speak the language in their tone and the need arises to get the spoken words into text format for various purposes. Government, semi-government, and private offices need all the things which are spoken in neat documented text format for their official records. Sometimes it is very hard to get the text of every spoken word in the text in the intended format.

What do we offer?

Thus we offer Marathi transcription services in the following language pairs:

  • Marathi to Marathi Transcription Services
  • English to Marathi Transcription Services
  • Marathi to English Transcription Services

We are experienced in diverse industry fields offering the highest-quality Marathi transcription solutions on time and on budget.

Why choose us?

We always use native professional Marathi transcribers with years of experience in various industries. We offer the highest quality transcription solutions on time and on budget. All our Marathi transcribers are well-versed with modern industry standards and use transcription tools, which always help us to deliver speedy, accurate, and fluent transcription.  We handle your files and data with precision and discretion in a confidential manner.

  • In-time delivery of transcription projects.
  • We are Native or bilingual transcribers with proven proficiency.
  • Quality Services at Affordable prices.
  • 24/7 project support.

Transcription service areas :

  • Legal transcription services such as confessions, depositions, & court hearings.
  • Video and Audio transcriptions.
  • Handwirtten content transcriptions.
  • Academic seminars, lectures, educational conferences, academic documentaries transcription services.
  • Business Meetings, Corporate Lectures, Corporate Training Sessions & Seminars, and transcription services.
  • Conferences, Web-Based Meetings, Speeches & Over phone Conference transcription services.
  • Transcription in all Government standard formats such as various applications, affidavits, letter communications, Indemnity Bonds, all types of Agreements, Contract Deeds, Sale Deeds,  and many more. The list is unlimited whatever the requirement be.

The format we cover to offer Transcription Service :

We cover all the formats, any audio files from any other format, DVDs, CDs, and other digital formats such as AAC, MP4, WAV, AVI, DSS, WMA, and MOV., into your preferred/chosen format either doc, text or PDF. Also, we can convert clear and visible images of handwritten content into text format.


Just send us your recorded audio/video file or clear and readable image file of your handwritten content that you want to convert into text format and tell us the intended format viz. .doc, .txt, .pdf, etc.

So, call us now for Marathi Transcription Service today!